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"I am a Zumba fan and like higher intensity. Paul accommodated to high and low impact. He really enjoys Zumba and it shows. He had some different movements and different songs that I enjoyed. He is VERY personable and greeted everyone by name. He even called me to make sure if I had any questions since I was new.
- Suzette West

I started doing Zumba gold which is perfect for an at work lunch break. It's nice to get away from your desk and be able to get some exercise during the day. You are in a chair so you don't get to sweaty that you feel you would need a shower to go back to work. I get upset when someone books a meeting over my Zumba lunch time class. For the first year I just did the Zumba gold class, but then I decided to try the regular Zumba after work class and loved how much fun it was and that I could get a work out in before I went home to continue with dinner, chores, driving my son to various sports practices. Having Zumba at work is a great way to get in some "me" time. At first I thought it would be intimidating and I would not be able keep up, but our class is made of with people just like me and we just laugh and just keep moving when we lose our step.
-Diane Prescott

I just wanted to let everyone know how much we all enjoy your Zumba classes and the fact that you come to where we work is so convenient. We do not need to go anywhere else so it's a timesaver for us as well.

I've had a bad back for several years and since I started doing Zumba last fall, my back feels much better. Also, the fact that I had my right knee replaced last summer hasn't stopped me either. While I am not able to jump on it as much as I'd like to, you allow everyone to work at their own pace. Our class is made up of all ages and shapes yet we all seem to have a good time. Everyone is so busy watching what you will be doing next that we do not notice what the other person is doing.

Thank you for helping us try to get healthier!
~Sandy Vold
Team Lead - Client Information Delivery
The Nielsen Company
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I have been taking your Zumba Gold chair class and your Yoga class at work and love them both! The fact that you come to our workplace is awesome! It makes it easy to fit a workout in our busy schedules and couldn't be more convenient.

I was apprehensive about doing Zumba in a chair but it is so much fun and you can get a decent workout. I have always wanted to try Zumba but it seemed too complicated so I thought this would be a good way to ease my way in and I was right. I had no idea I would enjoy it so much, everyone in the class does.

I just love the Yoga class and it's not only helped me to learn to do stretches but also to relax which is so important. I really look forward to "Yoga day" each week and might start going twice a week if I can!

Both classes are small in size, are made up of people of all ages and shapes and we all have fun. Thanks for bringing fitness to us at work!
Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Company

I started attending FitNice Zumba classes in Fall 2012. My first class, Zumba was a convenient and FUN way (at the workplace) to shape up. I enjoyed Zumba so much, that it triggered us to add mid-day Yoga and weight-lifting sessions. The combination offers a well-balanced exercise program.

Though there are elements of every class that I enjoy, I would say Yoga is my favorite. I love the peacefulness of the exercise, the balance and flexibility that you gain, and feeling the burn of the stretches. Paul mixes up the moves we do, so it never gets monotonous. Having it at the mid-way point of the day is a perfect relaxing way to rejuvenate yourself to face the rest of the afternoon.
After taking class I have much, much more energy! I remember when I first started Zumba, I was exhausted by the 3rdor 4th song, but now I can make it through a full class. After the added Yoga and Weight Lifting classes, I absolutely feel much more toned and feel myself working muscles I didn’t even know I had.

The scale is slowly creeping down, my clothes are fitting better. Being more fit makes me feel more youthful and energetic. I’m able to keep up with my grand-children (4 & 6) now without having to say “Grandma needs a rest”.
- Terri Richardson