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Paul Schneider

Dance/fitness class that utilizes Latin music and rhythms in a party like atmosphere. Zumba has easy to follow choreography, is a ton of fun, and is great for burning calories. Ditch the workout, join the party!
(45 min)

Zumba Fitness

In addition to Latin and international rhythms, Zumba allows flexibility to allow the instructor's personality shine.

Here you can see Paul doing the Ballroom Blitz.
Zumba is all about the music! This song, called Bacco PerBacco, is a
crowd favorite.

Zumba -  Starting July 25th, Tues/Thurs will be held at Curves

Though FitNice classes are held at the Curves ( 1281 Brosig) membership is NOT required.
No sign up, no registration. All you have to do is show up!

Tues: 7-7:45pm  Thurs: 7pm-7:45pm 
Sat:   10am-10:45am McCormick (212 Iroquois)

$5 drop-in, or purchase a class card
10 classes -$50
15 classes -$70
30 classes -$135

Class cards are good for Zumba, yoga, all the water classes, and strength training too.
*back to back classes - $8 drop-in

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